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Social Policy

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EVASA seeks to have a positive impact on local communities and on the environment of the area in which forestry operates, promoting local development and ensuring a good life quality for the habitants.

The Social Management of the company includes basically two large groups of interest, “The external or community in general” and “The internal” of which the operators, the service companies and the staff of the company are part of. The defined social programs are oriented to contribute with their wellness and to rise the conditions of their quality of life.

To fulfil it, EVASA, carries out actions whose objectives are to identify the interests of the same, to educate and inform about its operations, sustainable environmental and social issues.

Community relations

Permanent relationships with local communities and neighbours are maintained through varied programs like The Open Gates which includes visits to our buildings so as to know more about the company, its operations and the impact in the community and environment. Neighbours, teachers, the local media, religious people, union representatives, local and health authorities, police force, judges, firefighters among other participate of meetings

Guided tours are also given to educational institutions like local schools, colleges, universities, governmental authorities and any person who requires so.

We also offer technical and environmental workshops trainings to educational institutions with the possibility of practical activities through internships in the company.

Regular controls are made through the visit of neighbours after which we try to identify current or potential social impacts of the activities that the company has been generating as well as the joint actions to contribute to the development of the local communities taking into account their perspective and culture.

We have telephone lines for permanent consultation and our staff is trained to attend any kind of requests by the interest parts.

 Local development

EVASA supplies the local industries with timber, contributing in this way to increase the genuine local workforce and acting to multiply de local economic activity and to create new sources of employment. We also keep a local purchase policy prioritizing the suppliers of nearby cities.

Among the service companies, the hiring of local workforce is promoted which increases each year. At present the local workforce related to the productivity has increased 70%.

 Working conditions

The enterprise runs according to National and International labour regulations and demands for formal employment conditions, with agreed contracts between the parts that include fair salaries and social security payments.

The working conditions are regulated through hygiene and safety programs with regular controls and internal audits where the fulfilment of the updated legal regulations is undertaken as well as those of hygiene and safety regulations, environmental and social corresponding to the international treaties to which the country approves of.

We guaranteed high standard lodging to our collaborators with adequate food service as well as comfort.

 Skills and training

An updated training and teaching program is guaranteed to keep the standards that the company sets. It includes environmental, social, hygienic, safety and operational aspects. The company widen this program to their workers and to the community in order to increase the long term hiring of the local workforce.

To carry these activities out, we work directly with high schools and local colleges giving them training through our technicians and counsellors.

The business strongly supports the certification of labour competencies given by the Argentinian Forestry Association and the Ministry of Labour to train and motivate workers to have training tests to rank their work, obtaining in this way the corresponding certification.

Enhancement of public roads

EVASA sells wood directly on the truck, being the customer’s responsibility the transportation to the industrial centers. Therefore, we have a Logistics Area that coordinates the information from and to the customers, about production, transportation flows, operating schedules and monitoring of possible impacts in the community.

Being aware of the impact and in solidarity with the community’s welfare, EVASA performs on its own the necessary maintenance to improve the trafficability of Ruta No. 22 that crosses Chavarria.

This initiative adds to the policy of not carrying out transport operations on rainy days to avoid the deterioration of public roads and the irrigating activities in public roads with the neighbors adjacent to the road, also to mitigate the suspended dust generated by the traffic of customer’s trucks.

All these activities are permanently audited by EVASA’s internal management, as well as by external audits.

Awareness about fire

EVASA is fully committed to any kind of fire prevention that may affect the nearby community. Therefore, the company is founding member of the Forestry Consortium of Santa Rosa, through which it achieved a fire fighting airplane for the area.

Moreover, the company offered runways and staff to help the province to fight the fires that the neighbors may suffer.

If you want to visit the field, contact info@evasaforestal.com.ar